Light drops

EPSA creates Light drops, a Greek liquid sweetener, with steviol glycosides from stevia plant. EPSA, continuing its tradition to innovation, launches in August 2012, in cooperation with M5, the first Greek liquid sweetener deriving from stevia plant. It’s called Light drops. Thanks to Light drops, a low calorie beverage is no longer compromise; it’s pleasure.

Light drops with sweetener from stevia plant and organic agave and rice syrup is here to change the way we enjoy cold and warm beverages. Four (4) drops correspond to one spoon of sugar and half a calorie, whilst a spoon of sugar bears 20-25 calories. The 30ml packaging corresponds to 750 gr of sugar, which is 150 servings of sugar. Thanks to its unique composition, we can now enjoy beverages with no additional calories and no bitter aftertaste.

The product has been developed in cooperation with M5, a company possessing the know-how in the production of innovative Greek products.

Light drops” is already on supermarket shelves and selected points of sale. Thanks to its small packaging, it allows us to always carry it with us and enjoy our favourite beverages guilt-free at any time of the day.