Introducing EPSA Cola Light with sweetener from stevia plant in Gulfood

February 2013

Loyal to the implementation of its strategic plans for the expansion of its exports, EPSA is present at important food and beverage exhibitions taking place abroad. The introduction was made recently in Gulfood Exhibition in Dubai, where EPSA Cola Light with sweetener from stevia plant was officially presented, in a wonderful mat 330ml slim can, as well as in the classic glass bottle.

Of course, apart from the light series (lemonade, orangeade and tea in three wonderful flavours), the Greek organic soft drinks from EPSA’s bio family that are made from organic-farming juice and sugar, but also the classic soft drinks that we all know, were presented at a vast international audience.

The unique glass bottle, as well as its content of exceptional quality, caught the eye of the visitors, turning EPSA’s kiosk into a true oasis of freshness for those who visited it. The exhibition’s outcome is very encouraging, as there is great interest from import companies in more than 10 countries.