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EPSA implements a unified Quality and Security/ Safety Management System, in accordance with the following standards:

ISO 9001 : 2015
ISO 22000 : 2018
IFS – International Food Standard
Organic Certification

Policy on QUALITY and SAFETY of products

EPSA, aiming at always coming first in customers’ choices and the market’s preference, is committed to constantly offer reliable products, that fulfill their needs and requirements, abiding by – at the same time – statutory legislation, first and foremost is issues of Food and Consumer Safety, in matters of Quality, and Employee Safety.
Thus, procedures have been established within the company and standards are being followed within the framework of which the company is engaged to:

– constantly monitor and align with national and EU legislation
– organize and staff the business with selected and trained personnel and with suitable associates
– set annual goals on its product Quality and Safety
– strive for the preservation and increase of the business’ market share and financial results, through growth, investments and design of new products
– define the basic procedures for production – quality – safety for the products it manufactures
– conduct regular and emergency checks on the implementation and effectiveness of the Quality and Safety Management System
– provide all the necessary resources for smooth, unimpeded and effective operation, mitigate problems and prevent new ones
– implement modern methods of internal communication
– ensure the effective communication with external agents – clients, suppliers, public authorities, associates, aiming at the products’ safety and quality
– make sure that the company’s personnel enjoys an excellent and safe working environment
– evaluate, promote and reward the improvement suggestions submitted
– schedule and carry out education and training programs for all employees, aiming at a high technological and scientific level and the overall amelioration of the level of quality and safety
– promote the implementation of a Total Quality system and
– ensure the maintenance and reinforcement of EPSA’s REPUTATION and RELIABILITY, regarding its products’ Safety, Hygiene and Quality

The consistency in sustaining high and safer quality is the cornerstone of our success and our commitment to the future.


ISO 9001 : 2015  EN DE
ISO 22000 : 2018  EN DE
IFS – International Food Standard  EN DE
Organic Certification


Statements and Policies:

Health and Safety

Gluten Free Labelling