This summer EPSA says #DrinkPink

EPSA’s brand-new, fruity soft drink has arrived to add a new colour to our days. And not any colour…but Pink! Because this summer, we all drink Pink Lemonade!

The unique, exhilarating soft drink for the young and those who feel young. Drink Pink and change your mood. Fill with joy, optimism and gain a new perspective!
Perfect colour, perfect taste; we have just mixed lemon and Pink Grapefruit in perfect balance.

Exquisite taste, refreshing and trendy soft drink, with EPSA’s mark.

Ideal for an early drink and an afternoon aperitif, but also as an ingredient for cocktails and white spirits, giving its exotic colour and a taste of summer.

And because, like you, every Pink is special… EPSA Pink Lemonade has 20 different caps, to make your own collection.

Dream, Love and #DrinkPink!

Available for exports.

For more information, enter and EPSA’s Facebook page.