New, exciting flavours!

We are celebrating with innovative products in fantastic flavours and new, original design that attract attention and are already in high demand.
EPSA Tea Lemon & EPSA Tea Peach: EPSA’s classic recipe for Iced Tea – the ultimate freshness with wonderful natural taste, delightful like no other.
EPSA Green light Tea with pomegranate & sour cherry: Art, freshness and wonderful taste become one.
EPSA Rooibos light Tea with cranberry, aronia, goji berry: Amazing EPSA taste and even more amazing design, in a revolutionary healthy combination. Tea has never been so innovative and savoury!
Orangeade blue light 330ml can: EPSA’s famous orangeade blue (non-carbonated) is now also light.
1,5 lt light: Lemonade, Orangeade carbonated and non-carbonated. EPSA’s light wonderful taste finally comes in a family package.
Blood Orange (celebration version in a glass bottle, in limited quantity)
The light series, with sweetener from stevia plant, is appropriate for the health-conscious, who want to enjoy original EPSA flavours with few calories.

EPSA’s Celebration products
For its 90-year anniversary in the market, EPSA launches a series of celebration products, in unique packaging, such as: Rooibos Tea cranberry, goji berry, aronia and Blood Orange. Shortly, we have a big surprise for you!