Everything is more beautiful when you create

Everything is more beautiful when you participate

Everything is more beautiful when you share

Everything is more beautiful when you generously give

EPSA opens its arms and unites them with our favourite personalities and together they create a big hug, capable of embracing NGOs Children’s Villages SOS, Theophilos and AgaliaZO.

Lemonade’s legendary bottle, the all-time classic glass bottle, was handed as a canvas, in order to be designed creatively in a free theme. 100 favourite persons in total, as well as the Media have created their own unique bottle, in order to support these three NGOs, by selling them via the bid webpage This webpage, which was created especially for this cause, will be active for bidding until June 30th, midnight.

How can someone place their bid and attain collectible bottles – works of art, via a bidding webpage?

– Eligible to participate in the bid themselves are all permanent residents in Greece, individuals having completed their 18th year of age, as long as: they are able to take part in legally binding contracts, own an e-mail address, mobile phone in their name or their parents’ name and also own a postal address in Greece.

– The classic bidding practice is followed: people interested in acquiring a particular person’s bottle make their offer and wait until the end of the bidding (June 30th), so that all offers are gathered and the highest is found. The person with the highest bid will own the bottle of the person of his/ her choice. Bidders will be informed by EPSA with a relative personal message in the e-mail they will have submitted when participating in the bid.

– All bottles that will have been bought, will be received upon their full disbursement.

After the end of the bid via www.messageonabottle, EPSA, loyal to its values, will double the money gathered from the sale of the collectible bottles.